Change on the horizon

Friday, February 1, 2008

While I'm the new guy with Security Systems News, I'm not a newbie to technology. I grew up in the fiberoptic space and spent time in the wireless arena, having most recently served as the publisher of Wireless Design & Development Magazine, and I'm extremely excited to now be part of an industry that is poised for incredible change and growth, much as the communications world has experienced.
Technology is changing every day, and rapidly changing markets as it does so. With that, there is always that one question that is raised: "How will this new technology impact me (the security installer/integrator) and our clients?" That's a tough question, but I can offer these words of advice: Hang on and embrace it. While technology has the potential to change the landscape of the market, don't forget the building blocks on which the technology sits. The solid foundation the security market has built, when combined with new technologies (coming at us like giant rocks toward the little triangle-shaped space ship in the old Asteroids game) will enable growth and success beyond any of today's expectations.
So, how does Security Systems News play in the picture? Yes, there's a new hand at the helm, but that doesn't change the strong foundation and mission upon which this franchise has been built. Our mission is to bring you the latest market information, business news, emerging technology news, market trends and more so you can make better decisions about how to run your business. The experienced editorial staff brings you beyond the standard press release and reports the story behind the story so you can be proactive instead of reactive (so you can see those asteroids coming before they smash you out of the sky). That's powerful!
Security Systems News is a bridge connecting you and the many companies and people serving the industry. The marketplace moves forward together and it's important for everyone to know what direction to go in.
I have joined a brand that is well respected and primed for incredible growth. I expect that as the security market evolves, Security Systems News will as well, taking advantage of the many technological innovations that are changing and shaping the publishing industry, offering new and better ways to connect with and inform our readers.
I look forward to delving into and learning the ins and outs of the security industry from those of you who've made it your life's work. I welcome suggestions, comments and ideas from you, the heart of the market. I have an open door, so please don't hesitate to call or email. Communication is what we do best.