CMS announces new team

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, November 1, 2007

LONGWOOD, Fla.--CMS and Criticom International, a combined wholesale monitoring company which will soon operate under the name Criticom Monitoring Services or CMS, announced on Sept. 13 its senior business development and dealer relations team.
"We've got a team with 160 years of combined experience in the industry," said Tony Wilson, president of CMS. "We want a good team to support our dealers and answer questions and be extremely responsive to anything from service to billing questions."
The team will be made up of both sales executives and dealer relations personnel. The business development team led by Mike Fisher are: Tom Few, Jr., Mike Donegan, Glen Guldbeck, Tom McNeil and Jim Pless.
The business development team will work in tandem with the dedicated dealer relations team of: Kim Ward, Karyn Avant, Tony Shomo and Alicia Torres.