Company secures its niche with telecommunication companies

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

NEW YORK - When Grande Communications was interested in adding security to its repertoire of services (see related story on page 1), SecTec Global was the company that came in to guide them in the right direction.

SecTec, which is the marketing arm of security manufacturer Electronics Line 3000 in Israel, is focusing on providing security products and training to cable companies wanting to enter the security market. In essence, according to Karen Sussman, vice president of marketing at the firm, SecTec brings security expertise to companies not experienced in the industry.

“Cable companies know security is a great fit,” Sussman said, “but they are not experts, so we provide that for them.”

For Grande, SecTec provided marketing, sales and installation support as well as training of salespeople and installers. SecTec, which has an office here and in San Antonio, also provided the wireless systems Grande is using - a system Sussman said is ideal for this type of install.

“Mass market wireless systems are the way to go in this market because of lower installation time and costs,” she said.

It was nearly two years ago that SecTec began focusing solely on providing these services to cable companies. Since that time that company has stayed below the radar screen, but intends to increase its brand in the next 12 months.

“In the next year or so, we really plan to build a presence,” Sussman said.

Even though the company is planning on building its business, the SecTec name will continue to be invisible to the end user.

“In the day-to–day, we are the experts they can call with pricing needs and questions,” she said. “But the product is branded Grande and I represent the company as Grande. We support Grande.”