Comunale airport project in phase II

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NORWALK, Conn. - S.A. Comunale, a fire protection installation company, in early March reached the halfway mark on a fire installation project at the Wayne County Airport in Detroit.
“October ’08 is our target finish date,” said Greg Mosher, Detroit branch manager for S.A. Comunale. Comunale—a $120 million company which was acquired 16 months ago by Emcor, a $5 billion company specializing in mechanical and electrical construction, energy infrastructure and facilities services—has 15 locations around the country.
Mosher fully expects to finish this project on time, but doesn’t think his crew will be clearing out of the airport any time too soon. “We may continue with some smaller work,” he said. And this project is not the first that Comunale has done at the airport. “We’ve worked here for six or seven years, we did the Midfield Terminal expansion and now the new North Terminal,” he explained.
This project includes the fire protection system for the 800,000-square-foot Gate 26 Terminal, part of the airport’s North Terminal redevelopment project. In total, Comunale will install 6,000 Tyco sprinkler heads, 3,500 feet of underground water main, 34 wet automatic sprinkler systems, two dry systems and 15 miles of piping. It is also installing a fire protection system for the TSA’s 90,000-square-foot expansion at the airport.
Comunale subcontracts out installation of the fire alarm equipment.
Mosher said he has “anywhere from 14 men on the job everyday, down to six to eight men depending on what’s going on that day.”
“A project this size requires extensive coordination with the HVAC, electric, plumbing and security systems,” he noted. “It takes a lot of planning to make sure we all fit in the building and it all gets done at the proper time.” SSN