Condortech to help PSA secure gov't business

Thursday, March 1, 2007

WESTMINSTER, Colo.--PSA Security Network members will have a leg up in securing government contract work thanks to an agreement announced Jan.17 between PSA and member company Condortech Services (CTS) of Alexandria, Va.
CTS, which is on the GSA 70 and 84 schedules, is HSPD-12 certified, and has been doing government work since 1990, will team with other PSA members to compete for contracts that were previously unattainable and to create more opportunities for them in the government security market.
Under the agreement, which coincides with the Department of Homeland Security's recent announcement of a new round of grants to be distributed, Condortech will offer PSA members a suite of services that provide access to federal government projects, including those funded through the Department of Homeland Security.
The partnerships will be structured much like the national accounts program PSA announced last year (see "Go National with PSA," in the October issue of Security Systems News), but tailored to fit partnership agreements created by the federal government, said Condortech chief executive officer Jorge Lozano. "The goal is to remember to work with each other," he said, "to learn how to team up. It's not like the old days where it was my job, so don't you touch it."
"I've seen small companies get big awards by simply teaming up," said Lozano. "You have to sell total solutions. The days of just selling power supplies, or just selling access control, are gone. You're going to have to team up with folks that understand all of this."
Lozano said he has seen the traditional security industry languish behind other IT-focused companies when it comes to government work, simply because they have more experience working with the government. "Our industry does not lobby," he said. "It does not know how to work the system."
"I'm glad that SIA finally got in [see "GSA purchasing extended," on page 4] ... to protect our interests," said Lozano. "Small businesses were being left out. We have some wisdom here, and I guess that's why I was excited to work with PSA, so we can navigate with them. There aren't any more small fish anymore, but I have the right hook to catch the big fish."
In other Condortech news, the company just moved into new 5000-square-foot offices in Alexandria City, Va. Office manager Kathy Lozano said the company now has 20 employees and is looking for more. "We started small in Anandale," she said, "but now we've got our own building."