Connecticut cops get a reprieve in alarm company flap

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, November 8, 2007

NEW CANAAN--Eleven police officers who were previously docked a days' pay or a vacation day for accepting free (or reduced cost) alarm systems and monitoring services from New Canaan Alarm will not be docked after all, according to an Oct. 25 report from the New Canaan Advertiser.
After two greivance hearings, the Police Commission ruled that the officers will receive a written reprimand because there was "confusion regarding department pollicy." The investigation into the officers' use of New Canaan Alarm services stemmed from an anonymous letter received in June by the Police Department and local newspapers alleging that police officers received free services and that they had shown preferential treatment to the president of New Canaan Alarm during an investigation of an embezzlement case. (Search "Connecticut cops" in
It was later revealed that the anonymous letter was written by Lisa Odierno, who pled guilty earlier this year to embezzling close to $700,000 from New Canaan Alarm.
Cheif Edward Nadriczny has said the officers will complete training to clarify regulations.