Contigo partners with Bold Technologies, explains name change

Thursday, November 1, 2007

NEW YORK, N.Y.--Contigo, formerly Guardian Mobile Monitoring Systems, announced at an ISC East press conference on Sept. 11 its new partnership with Bold Technologies. Contigo, a provider of location-based services using wireless and GPS technology, will align with Bold Technologies' central station management software, Bold Manitou, to enhance the functionality of Contigo's GPS offerings. This partnership will allow companies using Contigo's GPS tracking beacons, for example, to integrate alert notifications using Bold's central station tracking software.
"Contigo will integrate its beacons with Manitou's automation software and when an alert comes in, it will go to the central station incident handling department and Contigo will resolve the problem," explained president and CEO John Tedesco. Prior to the partnership, alerts were received via email or cell phone notification.
Jerry Winslow, vice president of sales for Bold Technologies, later explained on the show floor that the partnership was favorable for both companies. "From our perspective, they had a product line that was functioning and able to be delivered," he said. "We designed Manitou with myriad functionality and we knew we wanted to be part of this GPS application."
Contigo and Bold will co-market this integrated solution.
Also during Contigo's press conference, president John Tedesco detailed the company's name change and re-branding strategy. "We had an opportunity to change and we felt that this change reflected the maturity of the location-based service market," Tedesco said. "We believe brands are critical and this change will help us connect with our partners and end-users."
Contigo is Spanish for "with you."