COPS Monitoring’s backup central nears completion

Sunday, February 1, 2004

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - After a year of planning and construction, COPS Monitoring is just about ready to open its backup central station here, which is intended to both improve the reliability of the company’s monitoring service and increase its market presence in the western United States.

The center will provide a lifeline for customers in case the com-pany’s Williams-town, N.J., central station is offline.

Industry veteran Maria Malice, the company’s vice president of western operations, has been overseeing the construction of the facility, which includes about 4,000 square feet of monitoring space.

With about $1 million invested in the project, Malice said COPS is eager to get the station online.

“We are working on opening in the first quarter, as soon as possible,” Malice said.

Upon the facility’s opening, it will house about 20 workstations to accommodate a workforce about half the size of the staff at COPS’ Williamstown monitoring facility. The two central stations will be linked through one central station mainframe based in Williamstown.