Corporate buyout at Connective Home

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

BROOKHAVEN, Pa.--Residing in the building that once housed Tri-State Alarm, Connective Home has grown into a residential installation company that works in security, A/V, HVAC and home networking throughout eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. After four years under Tri-State founder Ken Gross, and another three under ownership by outside investors, the company is now owned by chief executive officer Barbara Polsky, husband and vice president Allen Polsky, and president Ronnie Adams.
The deal became final March 23, but terms were not released.
"Ronnie and I said, 'Since we've been running the company so long, we might as well own it,'" said Allen Polsky. "So we sold everything we could sell, and hocked everything we could hock, and now we're the proud owners of Connective Home LLC."
Polsky said the company does some small commercial work, "but that's not our forte." He said Connective Home will continue working with builders and "we want to get into more retrofitting, get more into home automation." He called his set up with builders "unique," as Connective meets directly with the home buyers beforehand and creates the demand for its products. For instance, he said, home automation "has been so complicated in the past, sales people didn't want to sell it. But with the new products, such as those put out by GE, we're saying, 'Hey, we can do this. We can create the demand here.'" With an average house price of $500,000 for the homes Connective is working in, Polsky believes high-end products will be an increasingly easy sell as end users see new technology advertised and want to "have a certain type of lifestyle."
As the company grows, Polsky sees geographic expansion as a possibility--Adams is an advocate--but he says there remains room for growth in the Tri-State area.