Corporate facility for Red Hawk to support future growth of biz

With 12 locations, integrator ups ante
Wednesday, December 1, 2004

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. - Systems integrator Red Hawk Industries has moved its corporate facility to a new location here that enables it to offer training to customers in-house.

The new office is located about one mile from the company’s previous location and is twice the size at 10,000 square feet. The facility houses company executives, accounting, human resources and marketing personnel.

“We were really cramped. We had grown a lot,” said David Charles, chief executive officer and chairman of Red Hawk Industries. “People had moved into the conference rooms and were starting to subdivide offices with partitions.”

The company began looking for a new facility to lease six months ago, after already expanding three times at its previous office.

Charles attributed much of the corporate office’s growth to the company’s growth overall. Since it was formed in 1999, Red Hawk has bought 12 companies. Today its annual sales average $90 million and it employs 550 people with branches in 15 states.

Florida Capital Partners owns a majority of the company, with minority interest held by Charles, Mark Mulveney, chief financial officer, Greg Johnson, chief operating officer and president and Roy Eliff, who does not currently hold a position within the company.

With the corporate office moving, Red Hawk was able to allocate space for a training center. The facility can accommodate up to 25 people and enables the company to not only train its employees, but its customers, as well. A majority of Red Hawk’s clients are from the financial market.

“Previously we would go off- site and get a conference center somewhere,” said Charles, about the training sessions held by the company. “That was real expensive and it didn’t give people a flavor of the company, either.”

Charles said not only does the new facility accommodate the company’s current needs, but also it has room for future growth. The company reports an internal growth rate of 15 percent, but credits much of its expansion over the years to its acquisition strategy.