CoVi takes Certified program global

Selectron among first 30 trained partners
Sunday, April 1, 2007

AUSTIN, Texas--Selectron, a regional commercial integrator based in Portland, Ore, since 1960, was among an early few to take advantage of CoVi Technologies' Certified Solution Provider Program for its Crystal HD system. That program is now being offered to global integration partners with Cisco CCNA and/or Microsoft MCSE or A+ certifications.
"We flew their trainer out to us," said Robert Flynn, Selectron's chief operating officer, of early interactions with CoVi. "We set up the computers, the networking, and some of the surveillance equipment prior to having him here. We like to internally test all of the equipment that manufacturers say 'works this way.' We want to go through the actual loading of the software configuration, see what the actual bandwidth traffic is going to be. We found CoVi was a very well defined and capable product."
Despite a confidence in Selectron's in-house staff, Flynn felt the training was necessary, too, for "a pretty complicated product ... We've had a lot of input over the years about how the product was going to be defined, [but] there's a lots of ins and outs with a high-definition camera that has a processor and wires running into a network. You can't get that just from opening the manual. You need an understanding of why, you need some of the manufacturer's people and the engineers who have a concept of how it should work and why it should work."
Mike Kobelin, Selectron's vice president of sales, was impressed with the CoVi trainer. "He was a good teacher," he said. "When a sales guy came in, he answered at a level we understood. But when a high-level engineer came in, there was no BS."
CoVi reported that 30 North American integrators have completed the program as of the end of February, and now hopes to attract global partners.