CPSC issues recall for faulty camera and CO detector

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, April 1, 2004

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission recently issued back-to-back recalls for a pair of security products from two of the biggest manufacturers in the industry.

Both GE Security and Honeywell had faulty products recalled in February, with one product recall due to a safety issue and the other due to a malfunction.

The first recalled occurred with GE Security’s ESL 240-COE carbon monoxide alarm. The commission reported the product failed to detect carbon monoxide after one year of operation due to a software issue.

A recall for Honeywell followed a few weeks later involving its Ademco Rapid Dome security camera. According to the CPSC, the indoor video camera plastic mounting assembly can crack allowing the dome and camera to fall from where it is mounted.

For more information about the recalls, contact Honeywell at 800-573-0154 and GE Security at 800-648-7422.
OSE forms new alliance

DATELINE - The Open Security Exchange, a program of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization, has formed a liaison with the Liberty Alliance to extend federated identity standards for wireless devices to include physical security.

The OSE/Liberty relationship will allow the two organizations to collaborate on creating standards and best practices to develop enhanced authentication methods for wireless, subscriber identity module (SIM)-based access to Liberty-enabled Web services.
AuthenTec hits two million shipments
MELBOURNE, Fla. - AuthenTec Inc. has shipped its two millionth TruePrint technology-based fingerprint sensor, a little over six months after shipping its one millionth in July 2003.

The company’s sells it TruPrint technology to OEMs, who incorporate the technology into a number of products, including PCs and peripheral products, access control products and time and attendance equipment.