Criticom leases new space in So. Cal., N.J. is next

Thursday, March 1, 2007

IRVINE, Calif.--Criticom International, a division of Integrated Alarm Services Group, announced on Jan. 19 it has leased new space for secure office property in Cypress, Calif. Criticom anticipates occupying the new facility by the end of the second quarter, after all construction and leasehold agreements are completed. The new Cypress central will replace a mixed-use facility here and joins Criticom's monitoring centers in Minneapolis and New Jersey. Chick May, chief operating officer at Criticom-owner IASG, said "We should be in there by June." Was this move part of an expansion in anticipation of the Pro One merger, announced in December? "No, that was on the drawing board for us either way, with or without P1," said May. "When we bought NACC [in 2004], we consolidated a lot of the overhead. The lease was coming up this summer and we were also having trouble attracting labor in Irvine."
With the new facility, "we'll double the size of the central and have more room for growth," said May.
Another upgrade Criticom will be making to its centrals this year? "We'll announce shortly that we're looking to move out of the Manasquan, N.J., station, as well," said May. With the addition of the New Jersey central, to be built before the end of 2007, May said all of Criticom's monitoring centers will be "new and state-of-the-art."
The merger agreement announced by IASG and Pro One is awaiting IASG shareholder and regulatory approval, likely in May.