Crowell to keynote at TechSec Solutions on the technology wave

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

SARASOTA, Fla. - The former deputy director of the National Security Agency will keynote the opening session of TechSec Solutions, a conference dedicated to the convergence of IT and security and the information systems needed by integrators to be part of this change.

Bill Crowell will speak on Monday, Feb. 27, on the first day of the two-day educational conference and trade show at the Ritz Carlton, here.

With much of Crowell’s professional experience coming from working in the government market and serving on numerous corporate boards, including Broadware Technologies and ActivCard, he brings a unique perspective on the changes occurring in the security market both as a government end user and an advisor to companies in the market. That includes security systems moving onto the network, the introduction of IP-based technology into the market and how these new tools will be used in the future.

“There’s a period of about five years where the transition is going to occur rapidly and the adoption curve is going to be fairly rapid,” said Crowell. “Those who know how to do this can serve as early adopters and will be ready for the large scale adoption.”

As part of his presentation, Crowell will talk about how multiple technologies are converging and the opportunities these new approaches present.

For example, Crowell said one of the biggest challenges is the cost associated with operating security systems. When it comes to video surveillance, he said, either no one is watching the video or traditional methods require numerous people.

“But with new technology, it’s possible to distribute the task,” said Crowell, with sensors playing a role to automatically identify that a person is approaching a specific area or is holding a weapon.

To be part of the evolution, Crowell said it’s important that systems integrators become as educated as possible. He said most people’s idea of convergenc barely touches on the opportunities in the commercial market.

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