CSAA issues legislative alert

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, September 28, 2006

WASHINGTON--CSAA is asking industry members to contact their senators regarding HR 4954, the Port Security Bill. Now that it seems unlikely the Telecom Reform Bill, HR 5252, will pass in the Senate, CSAA thinks 4954 is the best vehicle for a "Consumer VoIP Notification" provision, which would require VoIP providers to notify customers that their alarm systems could be affected by a switch from traditional landline phones to VoIP.
The Senate version of HR 4954 has included an Internet Protocol-Enabled Voice Communications Emergency 911 provision that is designed to ensure that rules are put in place so that E-911 service is continuous when households convert to VoIP. This, CSAA reasons, is the place for "Consumer VoIP Notification" to be similarly inserted. If both senators and House members were willing to place the language in HR 5252, as was the case, then CSAA argues there should be no stumbling block here.
The Port Security Bill is now in House/Senate conference, so CSAA is urging industry members to call conferees. A list of contacts can be found at www.csaaul.org.