CSC makes IP video design 'completely easy'

Distributor says online tool could actually make engineers more efficient
Thursday, August 12, 2010

CAROL STREAM, Ill.—As a distributor of solely IP-based products, CSC knows well that IP surveillance hasn’t grown the way that many prognosticators said it would. “It’s so much better once it’s installed,” argued Adam Greenblatt, director of strategic marketing, “why hasn’t it hockey-sticked? We think the analog guys are still very comfortable with how they’ve done business—it’s easy, and frankly it’s plug-and-play—and the end user often isn’t any the wiser.”

“So,” he said, “we’re creating end-to-end solutions that save time and money for the integrator community—that’s where we’ve put all of our efforts.”

The latest effort is an upgrade to the company’s online FTL portal that allows integrators to quickly and easily design an IP surveillance system, which is then kitted and delivered virtually ready-to-install right out of the box.

“It’s the first of its kind in the industry,” claimed Greenblatt.

“It’s designed to make it all completely easy,” said Tim Holloway, VP of marketing for security solutions. Even for integrators comfortable working in IP, “they might have 10 customers to respond to, and a limited amount of time. This helps them out on the speed and development of the solutions—and our guarantee gives them the assurance that what they recommend will work for their customers.”

“If you’re a very large integrator,” said Greenblatt, you can make your on-staff engineers much more efficient, “because what this system does is create algorithms that run in the background and make all the engineering essentially seamless. Integrators answer questions in a decision tree, it configures the whole solution for you, and it creates a bill of materials. Then you just request a quote and we deliver it right to you.”