Dewalt teams with Williams Scotsman

Sitelock to come pre-installed in trailers
Saturday, April 1, 2006

BALTIMORE, Md.--Industrial tool manufacturer DeWalt, a division of Black & Decker, has teamed with modular space provider Williams Scotsman to promote their Sitelock temporary construction-site wireless alarm product. Williams Scotsman is a major supplier of construction trailers; thousands of units will now come with Sitelock pre-integrated.
DeWalt's market research has identified construction-site theft and vandalism as $1 billion annual problem, and as a major concern for construction managers. "The benefit for the user is that they can have security; it comes with the trailer," said DeWalt director of marketing Bill Pugh. "They sign up for the monitoring and the leasing at the same time. On the job site, it's a great benefit because it's designed for that application and that user, without them having to contact an installer."
DeWalt contracts out the monitoring to C.O.P.S. Monitoring, and Numerex provides the wireless technology that makes the Sitelock portable and leasable.
Does this move portend DeWalt getting further into the physical security market?
"Obviously," said Pugh, "a company like ours, we don't invest in something unless we see a future in it. We have formed a security business unit, we are looking at ways to bolster this product line. But also we're acquisitive and we're looking for other security products that could provide security for the job site ... Our expectation is not to be Honeywell, it's serving our customer base well."