Diebold adds weather/environmental alerts for dealers

Friday, August 6, 2010

NORTH CANTON, Ohio - A new offering from Diebold promises dealers an innovative way to realize new RMR streams, increase their reach and strengthen their brand awareness. The Diebold WeatherAlert service provides timely, customized alerts for severe weather and potential natural disaster watches and warnings. These alerts can include notification of tornadoes, thunderstorms, lightning, flash floods, high winds and hurricanes. Dealers can receive alerts and forecasts for specific address areas via their preferred channel, including e-mail, text message or phone call notifications. This allows them to offer highly relevant, customer-specific services.

SSN reported on Security Networks offering a similar service from Weather Decision Technologies in 2009.

This "changes the dealers' customers' risk position,' said Diebold director of security solutions Jacky Grimm, "because it provides timely alerts to emergency events that they can take some kind of action on. It could be weather or environmental or a natural disaster or something that's a safety concern - a fire or a chemical spill - and it's targeted to the address level, so it's really very specific and a dealer's customer can take immediate and appropriate action at their location to prepare.'

Diebold security solutions manager Paul Yost pointed out the service, while specific in terms of what alerts a dealer can choose to receive, how those alerts are delivered and to whom, is not limited to any particular vertical as is so often the case with security solutions. "Our dealers can be in different vertical markets. Because this is address-specific, it doesn't really matter what kind of product that particular customer sells or offers or what vertical they're in,' Yost said. For that matter, Grimm said, the service could easily play from commercial to residential through dealers offering the base service to their commercial customers' home addresses as a perq for loyalty.

"From a dealer perspective, they could include this as part of a package to differentiate them in the marketplace,' Grimm said. "Any time we can help strengthen the relationship between our dealers and their customers and create value, that's really what we're striving for.'