Diebold lassos Mexico

Sunday, May 1, 2005

NORTH CANTON, Ohio--Diebold's aggressive expansion efforts moved south of the border in mid-April, when the systems integrator bought Alarmas Adler, one of northern Mexico's most well-known security service providers.
The transaction follows a flurry of activity for Diebold as it completed five acquisitions during a one-year period. But this deal is different than the others since it strengthens the company's presence in Latin America and for the first time gives it the capability to monitor security customers from a central station based in Monterrey, Mexico.
"Folks pay a premium to have the solution within their country," said John Stroia, senior director of security monitoring for Diebold, based here.
According to Stroia, Diebold served the Mexican financial community and their security needs for several years. But because the systems integrator did not operate a central station in Mexico, those customers would either have another company monitoring their systems or would provide the monitoring themselves.
Buying Alarmas Adler also provides Diebold with a significant presence in northern Mexico. The full-service security company, with an in-house engineering group, is headquartered about three hours from Lorado, Texas. It employs 100 people and monitors more than 6,000 locations. Alarmas Adler also operates offices in Satillo and Chihuahua, Mexico. The purchase price for the business was not released.
Hyman Lazar and Aurelia Lazar Adler started the company more than 30 years ago. Until Diebold came in, two sisters owned the business, Rochelle Cohen-Sagi, and Annette Goldberg. Cohen-Sagi, who served as director, will continue with the company.
While Diebold has operated in Mexico for 11 years, thanks to its acquisition of ATM distributor Hidromex, Alarmas Adler provides greater name recognition to Diebold and its security capabilities.
"Adler is like Kleenex," said Stroia. "When someone talks about an alarm panel or security, they say they have an Adler installed."