DigiKnox Security enters PERS market as MediPendant Authorized Dealer

Friday, February 5, 2010

BAKERSFIELD, Calif.—DigiKnox Security, a provider of wireless home security for Southern California, has taken its first step into the world of PERS by joining the MediPendant Authorized Dealer network administered by Eastern Distributing.

DigiKnox vice president of operations John Gorman said while his company had been an Authorized MediPendant Dealer for only a short time, the results were gratifying so far. “We’re just getting off the ground with it, but I think we’re off to a great start. Our webpage really stands out from others out there, and we have great potential,” Gorman said. “Being an Authorized Dealer has provided us with a lot of our web content, a dealer locator … they just support us fully and address any questions we have.”

The MediPendant Dealer Program is one of the only medical alert programs to offer online purchasing for a medical alarm along with free UPS ground shipping, which makes it convenient to service a nationwide customer base.

In an earlier interview with Security Systems News, Eastern Distributing regional sales manager Joe Russotto said the dealer program, which was designed and is administered by Eastern Distributing, would be groundbreaking. “The most attractive thing is that we’ve got a medical emergency alert system that’s different from all of the PERS systems that have been out there for the last 20 years,” Russotto said in the earlier interview. “The other thing is, unlike all of the other PERS products out there, we’re not going to make the MediPendant available to any dealer. You have to be a MediPendant dealer in order to have access to the product.”

The MediPendant, from Medical Alarm Concepts, is a hands-free, two-way voice-enabled, wearable communication device with a 600+-foot range from the base unit. The device allows the wearer to roam freely inside and outside the home without the fear of an emergency occurring too far away from the base unit to be heard. The solution is monitored by Rapid Response’s UL-listed, EMT-staffed, 40,000-square-foot, Syracuse, N.Y.-based PERS monitoring center, Life Safety Monitoring, which offers full-time, bilingual monitoring of the MediPendant device for accounts in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.