DM speeds products, initiatives across track

Saturday, March 1, 2008

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.--Amidst a backdrop that included Daytona International Speedway, one of the world's most famous beaches and a Cheever Racing Coyote Pontiac that Dedicated Micro's founder Mike Newton drove in the 2008 24 Hours of Rolex, Dedicated Micros informed key partners and customers of its industry strategy.
DM, which is owned by the AD Group, was launched 25 years ago by Newton and had "humble beginnings" manufacturing video multiplexers. Today, it provides CCTV, DVRs, IP cameras, video analytics, remote monitoring video systems and visual signal processors.
Alan Calegari, president and CEO of DM, said the company has recognized that it needs to evolve as the market transitions into a much more networked-focused environment.
"The security industry is a changing industry," Calegari said. "We have to be fast-paced in terms of our technology and our innovative thinking."
Interoperability was a key word during presentations at the event. Mark Provinsal, vice president of marketing for DM, said its NetVu Connected, which is embedded in a range of AD Group systems, enables connectivity with other products and integration with third-party applications.
The market is changing as security practitioners continue to demand solutions that will not only catch criminals, but will also deter. Calegari said DM is a company dedicated to providing these solution sets to the market.
"We are turning the company into a solutions company," he said. "That is what the industry deserves."
One way to further develop its solutions is through the addition of analytics -- branded as AnalyticsCapable -- that it plans on integrating into its DVRs, cameras and video servers in 2008. DM plans on keeping its customers, integrators and end users, in the loop on its new developments through its upgrade web site. Partners now have direct access to sales and marketing tools and can customize their own website portal.
"We are always changing," Calegari said. "We are not a company that is standing still, we've always been accelerating."