DMP launches cellular service, product

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Digital Monitoring Products on Feb. 18 launched SecureCom Wireless, a new cellular service business to provide DMP’s dealers with a cellular communication option. In conjunction with the launch of SecureCom Wireless, DMP also released its 463G Digital Cellular Communicator, which connects to DMP’s XR500 panels and sends cellular signals over the data side of the cellular network, said David Rogers, general manager for SecureCom Wireless.
“A major reason DMP formed SecureCom Wireless was because the service side of this particular product is so crucial to the success of the product that we wanted to have a little bit of influence and control on the service side to continue the loyalty and relationship we already have with our current dealer base,” said Rogers.
The installation of the 463G device is relatively simple, said Rogers, “It plugs into the [XR500] board and receives power from the board and it’s really just a matter of installing a local antenna or remote antenna within the building,” he said.
From a central station perspective, receipt of the cellular signal would require only “minor upgrades to the [DMP] receiver” such as software upgrades for new supervisor messages but no hardware upgrades, said Rogers. The 463G communicator can be used as either a primary or secondary communicator. SSN