DMP offers false-alarm prevention feature

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, March 1, 2007

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--Digital Monitoring Products announced on Feb. 23 the release of a new alarm verification feature obtainable via panel software upgrade called Cancel/Verify. The patent-pending feature allows users to verify, cancel or abort alarms using the system keypad. In addition to preventing false alarms, Cancel/Verify also reduces delays at the alarm monitoring station.
"Our new Cancel/Verify feature helps reduce false dispatches while providing benefits of video surveillance, CCTV, and two-way audio without the expense," said Gary Kallman, DMP vice president of sales, in a provided release. "It's critical that end-users have the tools they need to prevent false alarms, and we are proud to be first with an innovation that is as simple, powerful, and effective as cancel/verify."
Recently, DMP has also committed to making all of its panels CP-01 compliant, a move that is being hailed by organizations such as SIAC. It's executive director, Stan Martin, said in a statement that the new cancel/verify feature will complement the existing CP-01 standard.