DMP rounds out wireless product offering

Friday, September 10, 2010

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.—With three new UL listings in hand, DMP now has a complete wireless fire solution, something DMP executives say their dealers have been clamoring for.

“We’ve been chipping away at the commercial fire listing on the 1100 wireless series for a while,” said Mark Hillenburg, product architect.”  “These products complete the puzzle.”

The fact that the components are wireless “obviously makes them a lot easier and faster to install,” he said. DMP’s fire systems are designed for small- to medium-sized commercial applications.

While DMP has always manufactured a fire panel, it has gone about it differently from other manufacturers. It’s always made combination intrusion and fire panels. Because AHJs in certain communities frown on combination panels, however, DMP will provide two panels “dressed differently.”

Although, “one combination panel will do the job,” Hillenburg said, installers are able to get around AHJs objections by “hanging two panels side by side. One gray [for intrusion] and one red [for fire],” Hillenburg explained.

Talking about the economic advantages of this kind of system, Hillenburg cited the example of a fire contractor needing to put in a PIV across a parking lot from a building (a position indicator valve, which monitors the flow of water in and out of a building for a sprinkler system.) With a wireless system and wireless PIV, (DMP OEMs products like this from Potter), there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars trenching a parking lot to connect the PIV.

“It saves thousands of dollars of unnecessary labor, and it avoids wire and conduit underground, which can cause problems forever.”

The recently listed products include: a transmitter, wireless repeater, and high power wireless receiver.