DMP signs on for CP-01 compliance

Thursday, February 1, 2007

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--Digital Monitoring Products announced on Dec. 21 that all panels in their burglary control line-up meet ANSI/SIA CP-01 False Alarm Reduction Standards.
"DMP has always recognized that the occurrence of nuisance false alarms is a serious problem faced by the security industry," said Gary Kallman, vice president of sales for DMP. "We're working with our industry partners to target specific causes of false alarms and develop standards such as ANSI/SIA CP-01 to reduce those false alarms ... then it's up to us as a manufacturer to become compliant with those standards and also implement additional false alarm reduction features."
The CP-01 standard covers event recognition, information handling sequences and provisions for system layout testing. CP-01 also strengthens user interface features to increase prevention and recovery from user-called false alarms, according to the Security Industry Association. Terry Shelton, manager of product quality assurance for DMP, said that adjustments were made to his company's alarm panels' default entry and exit delay. And "an exit delay restart is provided for those users that re-enter the premises to retrieve a forgotten item."
An additional cancel alarm message is sent to the central station when the client cancels the alarm by disarming. A failure-to-exit feature is implemented where a false-alarm doesn't occur if the user fails to leave the premises after fully arming. Last, "entry delay is paused as the user enters their code to reduce incorrect entries," said Shelton.
Shelton, along with others in the industry, believes that "The overall effectiveness to the community of our first-responders is reduced when they are dispatched to false alarms." Punitive laws and alarm verification requirements "are creating caution and anxiety in the mind of the user looking to purchase a security system. This is a lose-lose situation and has a negative impact on the security industry."