DMS gets mobile

Saturday, August 1, 2009

GREENVILLE, S.C.--In yet another sign that systems integrators countrywide are seeing growth potential in the mobile video market, Digital Management Solutions, an integrator based here, is now doing as much of 50 percent of its revenues through a line of video surveillance trailers launched roughly two years ago. Branded as Netvision, these trailers have become popular, said VP of sales Russell Turner, with physical security companies like Securitas, as well as law-enforcement and DoD clients.

The units come both battery- and solar-powered, and can be left unmanned, with wireless communication, for 11 months.

With 30 employees, DMS has the units’ shells fabricated off site, then does the final assembly and integration here in Greenville.

Currently, Turner has dealers in 28 states, and is looking to fill out the rest of the United States. “I’ve got some holes out in the Midwest,” he said, along with Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas. “The places I’m really concentrating on now are Oklahoma, New Mexico, Virginia, Tennessee, and Mississippi.”

However, not all of the dealers are “security guys.”

“It’s really interesting,” he said. “It boils down to who can see the possibilities and can take it out and market it.” One dealer’s main business is fiber optic cabling. Another is a general contractor “who purchased it for himself and then realized he could rent to other contractors.” Another dealer teaches gun control and armed guard services.

With Geovision DVRs on board, it’s possible to integrate the system with an access control package, Turner said, and DMS can also offer third-party monitoring of the surveillance trailers through Securitas’ central monitoring center.

“Customers will do that for off hours,” he said, “but occasionally they’ll want 24/7. That’s kind of a rarity.”