Don't knock the Web

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Congratulations on your article on whether the market is ready to buy and sell security systems over the Web (September, Security Systems News). For much of the current market of integrated security solutions, I believe you're right. However, for a growing segment of the market, I'd like to offer an alternative perspective. Fargo has developed a dual-line strategy that positions our entry-level card identity products (Persona by Fargo) as Web-ready. We have numerous integrators who've embraced a Web business model and have been successful selling card-based security systems over the Internet.
Entry-level buyers are often defined as low-price buyers. And, while it's simple to price-shop on the Internet, these buyers also want products that are reliable and easy to use. They want to research what they need, make a hassle-free purchase and get their product up and running quickly. For that equation to be successful, the products must be easy to use and the purchase process intuitive and friendly.
The issues raised by your survey respondents included site-specific installation needs and after-install service. This is undeniably where systems integrators add their expertise and build customer loyalty with more complex security systems.
This dual-line approach allows each segment of the market to source the solution that best fits their needs, and offers integrators options in growing their businesses.


Andy Vander Woude
Director of Product Marketing
Fargo Electronics, Inc.