Door-knocking business key to Absolute Security

Monday, June 1, 2009

FREDRICKSBURG, Va.--The summer-model companies may be renowned for their ability to train and deploy teams of successful door-to-door salespeople, but they’re certainly not the only companies that successfully employ this sales method. Curtiss Weinstein, president of Absolute Security here, is the second-largest ADT dealer in the country and he says he derives “60 percent of sales from door knocking.”

Unlike the summer model companies, however, Absolute does door knocking year round. “We promote [door-knocking sales jobs] as a lifestyle, a career activity,” he said. “It’s the same concept, we run a meeting on a daily basis and send out teams of sales people.”

Absolute has been in business and an ADT dealer since 1998. Its footprint includes Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, Texas, California and Wisconsin. Absolute has plans to expand its door knocking operation to all of its regions. At ISC West, J.D. Keller who’s in charge of the dealer program at ADT, told Security Systems News that his dealers were growing and expanding, even in today’s economy. Weinstein backed up that claim, and said the ADT brand is a very important part of his sales process. “ADT is a great name that people recognize… the ADT sign means 130 years of credibility.”

Weinstien got into sales, when he was fresh out of the service. “I sold vacuum cleaners door to door. I was very good at it, but I hated it.” He moved on to selling alarms and “I sold 100 systems in my first month.”

He did some research and decided to become an ADT dealer. “I bought a book and wrote a business plan and I hit every objective I set down.”