Doyle, Dice offer dealers integrated solution

Thursday, January 15, 2009

ROCHESTER, N.Y.--Doyle Security Systems, Inc. on Jan. 5 announced that it was working with one of its dealers to test and install new accounting software that integrates into its central station operation.

The software, developed by Dice Corporation, provides the dealer with an integrated accounting and management system. According to Dice president Mike Simpson, the software will allow the dealer to actively and efficiently run business and grow, while avoiding double data entry since the database is tied to Doyle's central station. "It allows Doyle's dealers or customers to have one set of data to maintain. So they're not having to maintain multiple sets of data in multiple computers and multiple locations. That's one plus up," Simpson said. "The dealer can make their own changes and setup and so forth. And this can vary depending on our client, in this case Doyle, based on what they want to do. They may feel that some dealers are a little more experienced at changing the data and they may give them the right to do that. Or they may make it a little more restrictive ... to be honest, some dealers are a little more on the ball than others. I mean some of them out there don't even have fax machines."

Donna Speranza, director of operations for Doyle's central station, called the emergency response center, said implementing the Dice solution is a win/win situation since it allows dealers more involvement while lessening the workload on Doyle emergency response center staff. "What this is doing for our emergency response center is it's allowing us to work with the same amount of dispatchers, which costs down our customer, our dealer," Speranza said. "It allows them to do functions that we would have to pay our employees to do for them. So the end result of that is they're in charge. They're able to do their own data entry, they're own accounting, and be completely independent, but connected to us at the same time, and reap all the benefits of our IT department, our management department, our data entry department."

Randy Harradine, IT manager for Doyle, said Dice's software solution would be of great value to Doyle dealers looking to grow. "We are focused on being a full service provider," Harradine said in a statement. "We believe that providing management systems to our dealers helps them to be more efficient and successful."

Simpson agreed that implementation of a single database is to the benefit of all. "Dealers especially want to have more control of what they do and want to have more access to their data. And they really don't want to have to call the central and wait and send faxes and emails and all that," Simpson said. "They'd much prefer to have the tools right at their fingertips. And from the central station side, they're looking at it and saying 'Absolutely, I don't want to have to have the bodies and the payroll and all the other costs to have to support this. I want my automation system to take care of this stuff' ... It's a win/win/win type deal."