Dutch Forstater to train in Israel

SSN Staff  - 
Saturday, March 1, 2008

Professional Systems Engineering chief executive officer Gerald 'Dutch' Forstater is among a group of professionals about to embark on a Homeland Security and counter-terrorism observation mission in Israel.
The program is conducted by Shaneson Consulting Group, former senior law enforcement and intelligence officials who specialize in homeland security and counter-terrorism training. The firm has been conducting these training sessions for security professionals for more than 10 years.
Top-ranking security, justice, military, and counter-terrorism officials will provide extensive security briefings. The former Commander of Mossad, Israel's security service similar to the CIA, will address the group. Other officials providing briefings include Israel security force officials, airport security personnel, transportation police, border patrol, senior members of the Defense Ministry, and nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons scientists.
Learn more about the trip at www.ultimatectmission.com.
'Dutch', a popular presenter across the nation at security and safety events, plans on sharing his experiences utilizing the newest digital photography equipment for all to appreciate.