DVTel is unified after acquiring access control company SAI

Thursday, June 1, 2006

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J.--Staying true to the company's core, DVTel, a purveyor of IP video surveillance, acquired Security Applications Inc., an IP-based access control systems software company in early April.
More than five years into its end-to-end digital solution, DVTel has integrated with many multi-vendor platforms. The purchased company has a similar open solution philosophy and the two technologies complement each other.
"They are an IP access control system; they can go IP from the server all the way to the card reader," said Paul Smith, chief operating officer at DVTel.
Terms of the deal were not disclosed. DVTel will maintain the SAI's operations in Fishkill, N.Y., and the Security Applications engineer team will remain at that office. DVTel has begun combining portions of both companies, however. All tech support for the North American market will be headquartered at its N.J. office, for example.
At the ISC West show this year, DVTel announced the acquisition and rolled out its intelligent Security Operations Center version five, which bridges video, audio, data, access control and alarm management onto an open standard system, with essentially everything synchronized for access through a dashboard.
"We asked, 'What can we do more if we actually owned the access control system and the two engineering teams work closely together?' Now we can do more of a unification of the two systems," Smith said.
A unified system, such as this, provides a seamless solution for the end user, Smith said. "When the user logs into the system, they have logged into both systems. It sets up the user's rights and privileges for each of the systems," he added.
Although the system will provide a total solution for end users if they choose, the company still has the flexibility to work with vendors, as it is an open platform.
"We have remained consistent to our original offer. The end user is in the driver's seat. The choice is with them," added Bruce Doneff, public relations spokesperson for the company.
Security Applications has completed access control projects in the telecom space with clients such as Verizon. When asked if DVTel plans to expand its reach in sectors that SAI had contact with, Smith said there are a couple of initiatives taking place in the telecom space.
"Certainly with a merger like this each company has its own previous set of relationships. SAI has a very good number of these telecom relationships. DVTel belongs there. They are going to help us do that," Smith said.