DynaPel salsas into Latin America

Saturday, October 1, 2005

FORT MYERS, Fla.--DynaPel Systems, a provider of intelligent video surveillance software and hardware applications, secured a contract with LNR Security, a sales representative firm that markets to Latin American countries.
DynaPel teamed up with LNR Security in early August because of its experience with integrators in the Latin American sector, said Dieter Kondek, DynaPel's chief executive officer.
The company's move into the Latin American market stems from increased security after Sept. 11. In the first year of the partnership, the company estimates five percent of its sales will be from the Latin American market.
"What we are facing now on a worldwide level is much more video and surveillance," Kondek said. "Smaller countries are keeping more of an eye on it."
Kondek noticed that in Latin American countries, there are requests for plug-and-play applications so products can be used with existing applications. This demand has been an advantage for the company's integration products.
"The installer's installing or integrating the product into applications will have an easy time with the install," he said. The manuals and interface of the products have also been translated into Spanish to ease installation for integrators, added Kondek.
Since making a footprint in the Latin American market, the company has joined the Latin American Security Association to help facilitate and support new technology and education.
Currently, DynaPel's products, a line of intelligent video surveillance software and hardware that incorporates technology based on in-house video algorithm and video compression, are being integrated into mineral mines, traffic surveillance and airports in various Latin American countries, from Chile to Panama.
The public company was once situated in the broadcast video market, but it made the transition into the intelligent video market in 2002. It has a product reach throughout the world including Europe, Africa and Asia. In August, it also signed on a Japanese distributor.