Emprimus takes the next step

Firm focused on electronic pulse weapons now offers hardware
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS - Consulting firm Emprimus, which has been working over the past two years to raise awareness about the threat of electronic pulse weapons, has now moved beyond consulting and integration services and is offering hardware that both detects electromagnetic pulses and protects against their damaging effects.

"We've gone back to the drawing board,' said Jim Danberg, director of security and continuity. "We've got much more scalable solutions for the problem now.'

First, the company has developed a product that detects a wide range of radio frequency threat intensities, ranging from nuisance levels to those that damage electronics and cause data integrity issues. This is critical, said Danberg, as companies often don't know they've been hit by a pulse weapon until they notice the damaged hardware or corrupted data. Then, the company developed protected power supplies and protected rack modules that companies can use to shield their most sensitive equipment from attack.

Speaking with CSOs, Danberg said, "they weren't concerned about the data centers - they've got hot backup centers for that. But what scares the bejeezus out of them is the disabling of their security system. It's very scary what can be done to video surveillance systems.'

Still, perhaps the company's greatest task remains raising awareness. Most large electronic pulse attacks go unreported, as company's are loathe to admit they've been hit, and some may not realize that the data corruption and hardware failure they've experienced is the result of an attack.