Entry brings Viscount to Texas

Sunday, October 1, 2006

HOUSTON, Texas--To begin their relationship with Viscount, Entry Technologies is installing the manufacturer's MESH entry systems and card access in two luxury condominium projects here. Entry's top brass cited Viscount's unique technology and appearance as deciding factors in choosing to represent the brand.
"Primarily, Viscount has the best product I've found for doing high-rise condo security," said Jim Brecheen, Entry Technologies president. "We're primarily using it for access control and guest entry systems. As soon as they get their integration with closed circuit TV, we'll put the whole package into it." Brecheen liked the elimination of individual door controllers, with everything running back over a? Cat-5 cable to a central server that controls all of the access points.
Instead of a keypad, Viscount offers a touch screen with full-color video capabilities, along with a camera. Thus, visitors' photos can be taken and recorded, building management can display advertising and tenants can leave messages when they are not in. "With their picture-storing database, I can't say it will prevent crime, but it will give you more information about the crime that happened," said Nick Sabula, Entry's chief executive officer. Plus, as the entire system can be made IP addressable, multiple buildings can be monitored by one centrally located concierge.
Stephen Pineau, Viscount president and chief executive officer, said, "Our system is all server based," he said, "so they have to understand server technology or they can be pretty lost ... These guys are core integrators in an existing market with the right type of clientele, class A developers."