Envysion to conduct Managed and Hosted Video Summit

Wants to help attendees get ready for 'accelerating adoption curve'
Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BOULDER, Colo.—Web-based video management innovator Envysion is gearing up for the inaugural installment of what it hopes will become a vital, annual event for the emerging managed-video-as-a-service market. The first Envysion Managed and Hosted Video Summit, with preliminary participation from companies like Axis, Sony, Hughes, Brivo, Retel, OzVision, and Marketforce, will take place here July 22 and 23 and according to Envysion VP product & marketing Carlos Perez the timing couldn’t be better.

“Why now? Well, from a timing perspective, we really feel like this segment is starting to take off. Hosted and managed video is starting to become embraced from a solution perspective, so this is really about getting participants in the industry together and learning from each other,” Perez said. “It’s about learning and business development, establishing relationships that can accelerate a particular company’s experience, But it’s also about really formalizing the segment from a launch or kickoff or maturity perspective.”

Concurrent with ongoing improvements in communications technology, managed and hosted video services have found a place in the news with increasing regularity, with stories from Security Systems News highlighting announcements from DVTel, Diebold, and Acadian in recent months, just to name a few.

John Szczygiel, executive vice president of Bethesda, Md.-based access control company Brivo, said his company wanted to offer its experience to those just getting started in an important new business model. “Brivo’s been doing hosted solutions in the security business for 10 years now, so we’re definitely the elder statesmen,” Szczygiel said. “From a model standpoint, we believe this is the right model and a very good model for end users. End users are demanding these types of options, and we see the obvious technical benefits and scalability benefits that the SaaS models provides.”

Perez said the summit aims to focus less on brand and more on best practices so dealers, integrators and centrals can get in on this growing segment. “This will be very and real business oriented. It’ll be about how solutions come together across the whole ecosystem … It’s going to be definitely practical—not esoteric or theoretical, but it won’t be nuts-and-bolts, either,” Perez said. “We’re at the cusp of wide-spread adoption of managed video. We’re starting to hit the acceleration point of the adoption curve. And this is really about how to effectively do business and participate in this space and reap the benefits.”

Szczygiel agreed the aim of the summit was to overcome competition and work together for the benefit of all. “Envysion is one of a variety of companies that have entered this space, providing services, some of which are probably in competition with Brivo—but that’s not the point—the point is that they’re another SaaS company in the security space and for us that’s important because we help each other convince people that this model is valuable.” Szczygiel said. “We love to participate with our colleagues in the industry whether they’re competitors or partners. We think we can add the weight of experience and time.”

The summit will cater to service providers, investors, hardware providers, and analytics providers and aims to facilitate sharing of insights into successes and failures, investor perspectives on segment valuation, customers’ take on ROI, and channel and ecosystem views on how video service providers can best leverage all the capabilities of this new segment.

Envysion is still accepting attendee registration, offers of sponsorship, and panelist applications. Interested parties can register at Envysion’s site. Potential sponsors or panelists can contact Perez directly.