Envysion offers RMR boost

Partner program promotes managed video as a service
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LOUISVILLE, Colo.--Envysion, a provider of Web-based video management services, on Aug. 13 launched a partner program to offer managed video as a service to its partners. By adding Envysion video services, Envysion partners can provide customers with remote access to on-site video through a Web-based service.

Envysion is reaching out to national service providers and “a key focus is to bring on security integrators,” said Jackie Andersen, executive director of U.S. channel development for Envysion. “We’re really trying to deepen our reach into the security integrator space for them to resell our services and package it along with everything else.”

As part of its focus on security integrators, Andersen said Envysion is also looking to migrate into the alarm monitoring space. “Our goal is to develop a much deeper integration with monitoring software and we can roll out those improvements on a need-by-need basis,” she said. “We are certainly working with partners integrating into their monitoring space … This is something an integrator can pick up and add as an upsell to their existing monitoring, whether they want to monitor for key business exception-based reporting or use it as a tool to view enterprise-wide customers in a single portal,” she said.

Envysion has been developing its partner program for the last year and recently began ramping up its efforts, said Andersen. In the first few weeks of the offering, the company signed up several new partners including ADCom, a data communication service provider; Industry Retail Group, a retail-services provider; and NAVCO, an electronic security integrator.