EverFocus launches IP line

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

DUARTE, Calif.—With 13 years of experience manufacturing analog video surveillance products for the middle market, EverFocus will showcase its first IP-based products at ISC West. The company’s U.S. offices are based here, with global headquarters and most manufacturing in Taiwan.
“It’s a new initiative,” said sales engineer Rodney Guinto, “it’s something completely new to EverFocus. We’ve decided to jump into the game during IP’s infancy, or maybe toddler, stages.”
There’s no timeline for a full rollout, Guinto said, but the company will be showcasing two IP cameras, an NVR, and some client software in its ISC booth. They are the result of about a year of planning and development.
“We started with surveys to the end users and dealers,” Guinto said. “Doing research on anything from gigabit networks to power over Ethernet to varifocal lenses, anything feature-wise with a camera or IP-related thing. And the best way to do the research is to pinpoint the end user, and the people that are out in the field, rather than just get a perspective from an engineer.
“We’re trying to be more market driven,” he said, “when we started we were doing everything engineering-based.”
He said EverFocus’s core customers—those who don’t want to go very low cost, but don’t want to go high end, is how Guinto described them—wanted hybrid solutions that would allow them to test the IP waters. “Some people are not 100 percent sure that the industry is going IP,” he said. “To take baby steps, they’re asking for a hybrid DVR or encoders, and we can offer the encoders in a single or four-channel, and we’ll soon have a 16-channel.”
The company’s certified dealer program will be upgraded as well, Guinto said. “Right now, our most advance class is just basic networking of a DVR,” he said, “but with the IP products we’ll need to get a little more advanced.” SSN