EYESthere passes 20 franchises

Las Vegas, Dallas both have multiple operations ready to open
Saturday, March 1, 2008

DALLAS--Just three months after opening its first franchise in October, EYESthere has sold 20 franchise territories, 13 in the fourth quarter of 2007 alone. "It's been quite exciting," said chief executive officer Rick Rene, "things have just been exploding." Further, he noted Richard Cox, a former general manager at Cox Communications who bought all three territories in Las Vegas, as an example of the "phenomenal quality" of the franchise ownership.
"These are people with incredible business backgrounds," said Rene, "who are used to building teams of 15, 20 or more. They see this vision and go, 'Wow, this will work.'"
Rene noted that he hasn't been to any of the traditional industry trade shows or events, "though we'd like to get the cream of the crop" of the installer community. This is partly because EYESthere won't be doing any "conversion franchises," where an existing operation rebrands. "We're trying to get fresh talent," he said. "Part of the excitement is getting incredibly intelligent people who understand digital technology; you have an analog workforce out there, though, and it's a struggle."