False alarm ordinance watch

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, February 1, 2006

At the start of the New Year, Beloit changed its false alarm ordinance from allowing three free false alarms in a calendar year to only three false alarms per security system, meaning that all false alarms stay on the books.
The new ordinance charges $50 for the fourth false alarm, $75 for the fifth, $100 for the sixth and $125 for all false alarms after that, according to a report in the Beloit Daily News.
Beloit police reported responding to more than 600 false alarms over a12 month period, saying each call takes 25 minutes and two police officers to investigate.
Police here want to get tough on false burglar alarms and may even impose jail time for habitual offenders.
According to a report in the Montclair Times, Montclair police want to enforce alarm registration, track false alarms and set up a billing service.
Police proposed one free false alarm before charging $50 for the second false alarm and $100 for the third. But fines could reach $1,000 for habitual offenders, plus 90 days in jail.
The police department and the township council expect to have a new alarm ordinance in place this year. One member of the council requested two free false alarms before imposing a false alarm fine, while another suggested holding the alarm companies responsible for false alarms.
A countywide false alarm ordinance received approval from the Ostego County Board of Commissioners in December, after being proposed by the police chief in Gaylord.
County residents would receive three free false alarms, enabling them to address problems with their security system. After that, the county will charge $100 for the fourth false alarm. After 10 false alarms, the county will fine alarm offenders $1,000, according to a report in the Gaylord Herald Times.
As part of the ordinance, alarm owners must register with the county and include up-to-date contact information.