FCC extension request denied?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

WASHINGTON, D.C.--There's no official word yet, but rumors are circulating that the alarm industry request to extend the AMPS sunset may be denied.
USA Today on April 16 reported Federal Communications Chairman Kevin Martin is "recommending that the agency deny a petition by the alarm industry to delay the shutdown for two years." The report cited sources who requested anonymity "because commissioners have not voted on the matter."
Calls to the FCC were not immediately returned. John Prendergast is the attorney working with the Alarm Industry Communications Commission. He said that the FCC has not contacted the AICC about the extension. He said that representatives from ADT and AICC have "several meetings set up this week and next with commissioners at the FCC" to discuss the extension. Prendergast, ADT officials and others from the alarm industry are scheduled to attend these meetings, he said.
If the USA Today report is accurate, the question remaining would be: "Does this mean there will be no extension, or an extension short of two years?" Prendergast said.
ADT and the AICC petitioned the FCC on Oct. 4, 2006, requesting the extension. Since that time, Prendergast, Steve Shapiro, vice president of technology from ADT; Phil McVey, vice president business operations for ADT; and Lou Fiore of the AICC have met with FCC officials at least twice.