Fire alarm system alerts authorities to business ablaze

The RIght Response
SSN Staff  - 
Sunday, May 1, 2005

SAN ANTONIO--In early March, the Aprotex Corp. of Midland, Texas, a third-party monitoring station, received an alert on an alarm from a customer's business here.
Operator Carolyn Nelson, who was notified of the alert, called the contacts of the business. The contacts asked the operator to dispatch the San Antonio police department. The police rushed to the location to discover that the warehouse was in flames. The local fire department was called and arrived at the scene to put the fire out.
After the police dispatcher gave the operator details about the scene, the operator then notified the contacts about the fire. In less than 30 minutes, the contacts were at the location.
"On the following Monday, the owner of the warehouse requested that Aprotex send out technician John Villarreal, to fix the melted alarm wires," said Travis Gilbert, Aprotex Corp. central station manger.
The owner was very pleased with how things were handled on his alarm, Gilbert said.
The alert was dispatched quickly and the fire was discovered before it could cause significant damage, Gilbert noted.
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