Fontana unanimously passes ordinance to create no-response policy

Thursday, September 11, 2008

FONTANA, Calif.--Fontana City Council on Sept. 9 unanimously voted to adopt Ordinance 1580, which mandates that police not respond to alarms without audio, video or eyewitness verification and outlines a strict fine policy charging alarm companies, not users, with fees for dispatched unverified alarms. The new ordinance will be effective on Oct. 9, 30 days following its approval.
The new ordinance amends Article IV of the Fontana Municipal Code - Burglar Alarms, which was used to uphold a May 8 court decision that the city's no-response policy contradicted the ordinance, making the no-response policy illegal. Now that the city has amended the original ordinance, it can reinstate its no-response policy, a policy which alarm company owners worry will not only burden their business, but could jeopardize the safety of Fontana residents.
Morgan Hertel, who was involved in the Inland Empire Alarm Association lawsuit brought against Fontana for its original ordinance, said he did not expect the organization to pursue further legal action. "The next step is to notify customers and let them know about this new policy and if they want to take up arms, they know where City Hall is, too," he said.