Founder credited for vision

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

DAVIE, Fla. - Don Langberg, the founder and president of Florida State Fire & Security here, died on January 4 after a battle with liver cancer. He was 54.

Langberg founded the company in 1989 after seeing a need to serve the fire market in the area after working as a general contractor and developer.

“He saw customers who had to make changes to come up to the new code as a contractor,” said Steve Wolk, vice president of the company. “He saw it as a business opportunity and that is why he started the company.”

It was Langberg who brought Wolk into the business. The two attended high school together and when they became reacquainted at a class reunion, Langberg asked Wolk to join the business venture. Both men built the company into having a strong presence in the fire market in South Florida (see related story) - even becoming one of Notifier’s top distributors over the past few years.

For now, Wolk will stay in his current role, but expects it to change as the company adapts to Langberg’s loss.

“My role within the company has definitely changed,” he said. “I am probably going to end up as president of the company.”

Wolk said the company would not be where it is without Langberg’s guidance over the last 15 years.

“His vision and spirit helped mold the company into what it is today.”