Freeport Board approves alarm ordinances

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, August 19, 2010

FREEPORT, N.Y.—An Aug. 12 story in the Freeport-Baldwin Leader reported Freeport trustees amended the Village Code relating to fire and police alarms with the intention of eliminating false alarms and cutting costs by preventing unnecessary calls for emergency responses. The new ordinance also requires, for the first time, permits for the installation of alarms and imposes penalties for turning in false alarms.

In the event of an alarm turning out to be false, a “civil fee” would be levied after the first call. The fee would be paid to the Village Clerk’s office. For those turning in malicious reports, the particular department can bring legal action in Village Court that would involve higher penalties. For “pernicious offenders” (repeat violators) turning in three false alarms within an 18-month period, fines would range from $250 up to $1,000. The fee schedule for obtaining permits consists of $50 for the initial permit for one year and $125 for a three-year permit.

A “sub-permit” would be required for additional protection for both a police and fire alarm, at an additional annual cost of $50 (another $125 for three years). Renewal fees would be for the same amounts.

Businesses and homeowners with alarms have four months to comply with the new ordinance. Outside alarms that can be heard only in the immediate area and are not connected to the police or fire departments are not subject to the ordinance.