Funding provides cash for new Ortega headquarters

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Only a few months after securing several million dollars in financing, Ortega InfoSystems moved to new headquarters here, a sign of the company’s plans to build its business over the next few months.

Now with a new,12,800-square-foot location, the software company intends to hire additional people on the research and development side, and increase its sales and marketing team. This year company officials expect to increase its staff by 30 percent, growing to 35 people in the United States.

Until recently Ortega was mainly an engineering and software start-up firm, with a “bunch of engineers in a cramped office building trying to write code,” said Michael Pilato, vice president and chief marketing officer for Ortega. “The funding came and it’s an endorsement by investors on Ortega’s technology and now’s the time to bring it to market.”

The new location, less than 10 miles from the company’s previous location, also enables Ortega to set up a demonstration room to show off its product, FacilitySm@rt. The software enables disparate security systems to work together and be managed from a single system.

In the coming months, Ortega plans to launch a campaign to recruit qualified systems integrators to use its software. While its software is in use in multiple facilities, its availability is expected to expand exponentially.

“The point now is to take and commercialize the product and take it out to the mass market,” said Pilato.