Gannett adds security

Sunday, March 1, 2009

BELLEVIEW, Fla.--Planning, design and construction management firm Gannett Fleming announced in January the acquisition of A Secure America, a security consulting firm that will now be based at Gannett Fleming’s offices here.

Charles Butler, ASA founder, will continue with the company as director of security programs and security services in the newly created Security Services Group of the Facilities Division. Gannett Fleming has more than 50 regional offices and works through the United States and internationally.

It’s this global reach and the resources Gannett has on hand that led to the buy, said Butler. After founding the company as a sole proprietorship in 1994, the company was incorporated in 2003 and employed 11 at the time of the acquisition. However, Gannett Fleming “is an international firm,” said Butler, with resources “that allow me to grow. I have a desire, from my military days - a patriotic desire - to positively impact the quality of homeland security in this country. I hope to find a way to make the dollars that are spent count more, to get more value from those dollars. There’s a lot of homeland security money that’s not giving us a return on our investment in terms of risk reduction.”