GE creates open standards group, names first member

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, May 13, 2004

May 13, 2004

AUSTIN, Texas - GE Infrastructure-Security, a division of the General Electric Company, has launched a new industry standards group under the name of Open Protocol Exchange Network XceedID, a Golden, Colo.-based developer of RFID products that is an existing partner of GE, is the first member to join the organization.
GE formed OPEN to promote the creation and implementation of open standards in front-end security systems, such as those using card, hand or finger access controls. Randall Provost, marketing manager for credentials and readers with GE Infrastructure, heads the new group.
In March, GE announced that the security unit would partner with XceedID on the development of contact-less smart card and reader products for the security industry. Under the agreement, XceedID is designing contact-less readers based on open architecture and will work with GE to market and sell the technology. 
OPEN will address the inconsistencies not only in the marketplace but also those found when companies either are acquired or merge into one, according to a GE spokesperson. Even though two separate companies address the same market within the security industry, proprietary technologies often prevent seamless system integration, he commented.