GE dealers follow the money

Two new initiatives designed to help GE Home Technology dealers
Monday, December 1, 2008

BRADENTON, Fla.--“In tough times, cash is king,” said John Feldman, national builder account manager for GE Security. With that in mind, Feldman said, GE has instituted two new initiatives, “One Smart Mover” and “Homes Inspired by EcoImagination,” to keep its dealers happy.

While there are definitely fewer homes being built, Feldman said numbers for his network of GE Home Technology dealers are “flat to last year, which is still great.” This group is made up of 140 independently owned dealers who specialize in the new home construction market.

One Smart Mover is a lead-generation program, basically a concierge service with a toll-free number, which a builder provides to a new homeowner. The service gives the homeowner information about hooking up utilities, cleaning services, insurance and more.
The builder receives $10 for every activation by a homeowner. “We don’t charge the customer or the builder as long as they use our equipment,” Feldman said. “It makes it nice and easy for a homeowner to move in, and we give the lead to our dealer base,” he said.

GE Security launched this as a pilot program in Florida last March. This fall, GE is rolling the program out nationally.

Homes Inspired by EcoImagination is an initiative that gives GE builders “a clear easy path to going green,” Feldman explained. GE works with the builder to assess how green they are and then helps the builder take advantage of local, state and federal grant/rebate programs for green builders. The hook? “The ticket to ride is that they use our stuff for everything, the kitchen, electrical load center, structured wiring, lighting, solar and security products,” he said.

The 18-month-old program has been initiated in several large communities around the country including Nashville and Land Tejas in Houston.“The concept is that green is green. The best thing about going green is the money that’s out there for this initiative, and it is truly the right thing to do for our environment.”