GE reconnects end users and dealers with service

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

ARDEN HILLS, Minn. - In the beginning of this year GE Infrastructure, Security has begun offering the GE PremisesConnect service to its network of dealers - a service that had previously been available to GE Security Pro dealers on a trial basis in the fourth quarter of 2004.

The program - a web-based service that integrates security and home automation services - costs the end user between $11 and $18 per month. Through personalized notification options, PremisesConnect gives end users control over non-security events of interest such as door openings and closings, deliveries, power outages and appliance problems. Notifications can be received via e-mail, phone or text messaging.

“PremisesConnect is a web-based service that offers a valuable supplement to the monitoring of an alarm system by giving the end user increased visibility to on-premise activity,” said Rich Buus, director of product management with the company.

Although the consumer can monitor aspects of their systems through the service, it does not replace 24/7 central station monitoring and it does not interfere with alarms.

“The monitoring station will have priority notifications,” Buus said. “The notifications for the end user are secondary notifications.”

Dealers can also set up the system to determine how certain events are reported.

“The dealer can configure any system event to report to the central station, the PremisesConnect system, or both.”

PremisesConnect not only offers benefits to the consumer, it also adds additional visibility to the dealer. The landing page - where the user accesses the service via the Internet - can be customized by the dealer to include a company logo or it can be accessed through the dealer’s web site.

“The service increases the number of positive interactions the end user has with their systems and puts the dealer’s name in front of the end user each time they log on,” Buus said.

Buus said this interaction is an opportune marketing opportunity for dealers, who can place advertising or information on special offers on the web site, and consumers are automatically drawn there because of the service.

Steve Craig, marketing communications director at GE Infrastructure, Security, said the application is suitable for both residential and small commercial installations. He said the need for the service stemmed from users wanting more features from their security systems.

“People now have higher needs and want to use the Internet for everything,” Craig said. ‘With Premises Connect, they’re in constant interaction and can see what is going on with their house."