GE Security Pro program gains some muscle

High growth rate projected as GE contributes a renewed focus and deep pockets
Friday, August 1, 2003

LAKE TAHOE, Nev. - One of the largest dealer programs by a security product manufacturer, GE Security Pro, plans to get even larger, with expectations of growing to more than 300 installers of residential and small commercial systems within a matter of months and 500 members by the end of 2004.

The program has been around since 1997 with a number of benefits such as preferred pricing and a 401k program, but it wasn’t until General Electric, parent company now to the security products sold under the GE Security Pro program, came into the picture that some additional muscle was put behind the program.

“GE is very big on customer loyalty programs,” said Michael Benedict, director of GE Security Pro and part of the program since 1998. “And this program fits into that.”

With GE’s deeper pockets and willingness to invest in the program, GE Security Pro unveiled a series of programs at its conference held here in June that allow security dealers to tap into the household name of GE and feature resources for managing their security business.

The company has begun offering professionally designed print advertising, bearing the GE name and the slogan “GE Security and Me” for free to its members. Members can then attach their company name and logo to the advertising material.

A new web-based business management tool was launched by the program, enabling security companies to use the system for sales call scheduling and to quote jobs to installation appointments and inventory management. The program also offers services such as website design packages and discounts on printed marketing material.

The focus, said Benedict, is to bring the dealers sales and marketing tools to help them run their business. And for GE Security Pro, there appears to be no shortage of dealers looking to take advantage of those resources.

At the conference, the group reported 235 members, with another 100 dealers in the midst of the signing-up process. Several dealers also attended the event to scout out the program’s offering and to compare it with others in the market, such as Honeywell’s First Alert Program. (See our Databank section on page 56 for our NewsPoll results on manufacturer run dealer programs.)

“They’re looking for a manufacturer that’s going to take them to new services that’s recurring revenue in nature and a company that can open doors for them,” said Benedict.